What’s Old at the Museum – November 2022

We have recently hung the pennant of the 222 Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force in the
museum. It hung along with its flag for a number of years in St. Andrews Anglican Church in
Hartney. It was then hung in the board room at the Civic Centre and is now located near the
hole in the wall left by the movie people.
The22nd Battalion was authorized on July 15, 1916, and left for Britain on Nov. 15, 1916, where it
provided reinforcements in the field until Jan 2, 1917, when its personnel were absorbed by the
19th /Reserve Battalion which was subsequently disbanded on Sept 1, 1917.
The banner is signed by members from Hartney and area. The names on the banner are as
follows: J. Holden, R. G. Hale, M. H. Button, A Hushman, E. B. Berry, W.S. Kennedy, W.
Jacksen, W. Aldred, E. Walker, H. Jonssen, F. W. Trevitt, A. A. Whedden, A. West, H Samuels,
Harry Baker, T. W. Scott, Joe Dooley, A. A. Sliman, William Dooley, George McKenzie, J. A.
Robinson, Dan McCraig, J. W. Smith, L. Bull, A Elady, A. D McCraig, J. F. Smith A. Peacock, F.
A. Perersen, L. Wannan, Rene Bauche, K. Ross, Sellers, L. C. Incram, R. C. Rutherford. R.
Baker, J. McLean and R. Gallinger.


The museum will be opened by volunteers if you would like a tour. There is a card in the
window with the numbers to call. See our ad for In Good Taste in this paper. We are adding
Minto to his fundraiser this year. Their profits will go to their new daycare. Please support us
by ordering your baking for Christmas. If you are looking for a Christmas gift, remember “A
Soldier’s Wish” is a book about the life of an ordinary soldier in WW1. It is available at Boundary
Coop and the Civic Centre in Hartney and can also be purchased through Amazon.


We continue to look for family pictures to fill up our display in the tea room and ask that if you
bring them in you include the names of who is in the picture. If you have a family picture, we
would love to have a copy of it. You may call Dawne at 858-2071 or Barbara at 858-2358.

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