What’s Old at the Museum – June 2022

In the museum we have a wide variety of things made of ivory so I thought I would investigate
their origin. Ivory is relatively soft and easily carved. As Portuguese sailors began to ply the
coast of Africa in 1400, they engaged in the very lucrative ivory trade. The ivory was acquired
by African hunter who soon decimated the elephant herds along the coast causing them to have
to hunt further inland. To bring the ivory to the coast they used the river systems, captured
slaves and forced them to carry the ivory for them. By 1885, the governments of African
countries began to regulate the ivory trade and today, although it is banned in many African
countries it is still possible to buy it with very expensive license in a few countries.
Ivory was widely used before plastics were invented for billiard ball, piano keys and a wide
range of ornamental objects. In the museum we have a piano and 2 organs with ivory keys in
the music area, 2 straight razors located in the bathroom, a hairbrush and mirror in one of the
glass display cases downstairs, and in the bedroom area a Shoe Hook for buttoning up shoes, a
manicure set, a dresser tray and mirror and a shoe horn.


The museum will open July 5th

. Our hours will be 10 to 12 a.m. and 1 -4 p.m. We are very
pleased to welcome Kayden Drinkwalter as our summer student this year. Drop in and visit with
him. We are also looking forward to being able to host teas again. Our dates will be July 15,
July28 and Aug 18th


We continue to look for family pictures to fill up our display in the tea room. If you have a family
picture, we would love to have a copy of it. You may call Dawne at 858-2071 or Barbara at 858-
2358 or drop them off to Kayden at the museum.

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