What’s Old at the Museum – July 2021

What’s Old at the Museum?

My last two columns I have written about the fraternal Lodges in Hartney.  We also have artifacts from the Excelsior Rebekah Lodge, Victoria Chapter of the Eastern Star, Order of the Royal Purple and the Victoria Chapter of Past Matrons.

The Excelsior Rebekah Lodge was instituted in 1922 with 2 ladies and 9 gentlemen.  Throughout the years it supported Cameron Lodge, Personal Care Home, the Hartney Hospital, the Swimming Pool and many more worthwhile projects.   The Lodge operated until 1999.  In the lodge room we have a variety of pictures, a robe and various pins and other artifacts from their lodge.

The Victoria Chapter of the Eastern Star was instituted in 1918 with 32 members. They supported many local charities including furnishing the nursery in the hospital and supplying other equipment.  They operated until 1990.  There are pictures of all the past matrons through the years and the original bible they used.  Most of their other regalia was returned to Grand Lodge.

The Past Matrons of the Eastern Star was instituted in 1952 and was for those women who had served as Matron of the Eastern Star.  Their purpose was to act as a friendship club.  They spearheaded the campaign to build Cameron Lodge.  They folded in 1997.

The Order of Royal Purple, a sister Lodge to the B.P.O. Elks was instituted in 1966 with 35 members.  Their fundraising was almost exclusively for local community project.  They folded in 1996.  Their regalia was all returned to Grand Lodge but each year a historian produced a record of the Lodges activities and those books are located in the museum along with a cup and saucer and a jacket and hat.

What’s Happening at the Museum

We are pleased to welcome last years’ summer student, Gian Lou back to join us again and are looking forward to the time, hopefully in the near future, when we can open and you can visit her.  We received a Provincial Grant to install a new furnace and hot water heater and to repoint the bricks on the outside of the museum.  That work is now started

What are we Looking for at the Museum

Our picture boards in the tea room still need family pictures.  If when we open again you would drop off copies with the names attached we would be happy to put them up.

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