What’s Old at the Museum- March 2021

Last month there was an article in the Grassland News about a book Larry Clarke had written.

Larry Clarke and his wife, Tess and family of 10 children lived in Hartney for 17 years.  Larry taught History and Math at the time I went to school.  He was one of the founding members of the Hart Cam Museum.  We have his book in the museum and I believe there is a copy in the library as well.  It is quite interesting and as per last month’s article it was produced on a manual typewriter back in the days before we had spell and grammar checks.  Larry spent much of his time researching the Indian settlements on the Souris River.  He produced a map of their locations which he hung in his classroom and later donated to the museum.  We also have box of pemmican, a chisel point, some quartz and limestone stones shaped into tools and an example of Bayberry leaves which the Indians used as their tobacco.  These are located by the office door in the section with the arrowhead collection.

What’s happening at the Museum? 

 You can pick up a copy of a Soldiers’ Wish at the Boundary Coop, the R. M office, or by emailing museumfriends2071@gmail.com or by calling me at 858-2071.  

During the cold snap our water lines froze at the museum and as a result we will have to install a new furnace and fix quite a few pipes.  We have applied for a grant for the furnace and repointing the bricks on the outside of the museum.  We should hear the results of that before the next Grassland News.

We received a grant from the Federal Government to set up a webpage and do a Virtual Tour of the museum as well as interview people with interesting stories of their past and show them on two laptops located within the museum.  If you have a story you would like to share, please contact me at 858-2071.

What we are looking for at the Museum

We are now able to offer tours at of the museum.  If you are interested please contact Dawne at 204-858-2071 or Barbara at 858-2358 to arrange a time.  We can again accept donated artifacts. If you have something to donate please contact either Dawne or Barbara and we will arrange for you to drop it off.  

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